Monday, March 19, 2012

Things to be Avoided

Blessedly, as the Independent Sacramental Movement, there is a lot of freedom in how we worship and conduct church together. We are not limited by the rules and regulations of other churches, although in the spirit of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" sometimes our brothers and sisters would do well to follow the rubrics of certain established liturgies.

This tongue in cheek list is one that lists suggestions that not be replicated in the ISM.

1. Electric Votive Candles: They should pay me to use electric votive candle holders, not the other way around! Blessedly, this has only occured once in my many, many church visits. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about pushing a button to lift up your prayer. In fact, it's downright cold. Candles and sticks that burn your fingers are the only way to go in worship. Obviously, this does not apply to vigil lamps as it is a laudable thing not to burn one's house down in misguided devotion.


2. Abstract Art: If you accidentally sit on that statue of Jesus because you think it's a bench--the artist might be sending the wrong message. Don't get me wrong--I love (some) abstract art. Well, maybe two pieces. Sacred art is meant to be uplifting and visually appealing. I don't want to think about it for 20 minutes. Below is a modern Pieta in the Hofkirche…

3. Inappropriate kitsch: The ISM loves kitsch. I have found myself in parishes that have more statues than the Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, choose your poison carefully…

4. Creative altar server wares: Look, it's a crusader! Seriously, though, it's easy to blur the line between theatrical and liturgical when everyone is dressed in assorted polyesters.

Feel free to add others as you feel so called!

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