Monday, January 16, 2012

The More Colorful the Title, the More Colorful the Man...

I have a favorite French proverb: "Wooden Bishop, Golden Crozier. Golden Bishop, Wooden Crozier." That is sometimes hard to apply among the ISM, who frequently use bedposts and all other manner of objects as croziers. Instead, we create fanciful titles for ourselves. This is a list of a few of my favorites:

  • Patriarch of Sodom, Gomorrah, and All Canaan (my favorite)
  • His Sacred Beatitude and Most Holy Eminence
  • His Sacred Beatitude
  • Apostolic Pontiff
  • Most Illustrious Lord
  • Universal Patriarch
  • Supreme Hierarch
  • His Whiteness (Celtic title, not supremacist!)

These are just a few. Unfortunately, it has been a while since I've read Anson. There are also your run of the mill Cardinals, but they have become an also-ran.

I also have mixed feelings about the title of monsignor. Traditionally, one would not use this title unless given some privilege by the Bishop of Rome or if one was a member of the Bourbon dynasty. Given its proximity to Papal privilege now, I personally prefer the title of Canon.

Feel free to add your own below!


  1. The picture you have displayed on this page is that of a Ukrainian Catholic Cardinal Josef Slipji. He was not an Independent Catholic cleric or an Old Catholic Cleric. The use of his picture here is unacceptable for that reason alone. But his manner of dress as a Cardinal is something that is dated to an earlier age and was something that was likely experimental. I am sure Slipji was a colorful man but I think his portrait is misplaced here.

  2. That is understandable. Yes, Slipji was a good and holy man and I knew it was his photo. I posted it because I have always loved this picture of him in the galero. I am still searching for a better photo.

  3. You have hit paydirt with the house church on wheels... almost as big as a garage. Thanks for the change.

  4. And there are a lot of loose cannons around too..........