Monday, January 16, 2012

The Purpose of This Blog...

I have been asked the purpose of this blog in the past. I don't necessarily know its length of existance and how often I will post. It is partly theologically driven, so that some of the traditions of the ISM can be examined in light of the Church Catholic and justified or discussed. It is also partly humorous so that I can joke about the lighter side of the movement. If we can't learn to laugh at ourselves, we will be forever ashamed and locked in a struggle of justifying that which needs no justification.

The bottom line is that this blog will deal with the stories of people. These people are sometimes broken, hurt, ambitious, sincere, and just plain mad. They are like you and me and their stories deserve to be heard. The ISM is truly a beautiful movement. It has given an opportunity to those who would never have received ministerial standing in other places--women, gays and lesbians, divorced people, etc. Regardless of your feeling on these particular issues, the ISM is a big tent where each person can live their faith in the manner and place that they feel called by God. The ISM a microcosm of society and the Church as a whole.

So, too, the idea of "episcopi vagantes" is not necessarily a bad one. After all, do we not believe in a Savior who had no where to lay his head? He was a migrant, a wandering teacher who preached to those who would listen. Perhaps having great Sees and cathedrals has hindered us from preaching the Gospel or from being with those who are truly in need of Good News. We have so enshrined ministry to a scientific, rigid calling that the Spirit has called people in different, dynamic ways.

More than anything, I hope that my writings allow the readers to rexamine some of their long-held beliefs. Perhaps recreating a larger church in a smaller model is not what you are called to do. Perhaps you need structure and value the boundaries that can be recreated in this movement. Whatever your place or your calling, have an open mind and reflect that you may not know the battles that others are fighting.

Finally, if I have learned anything from being Southern, it is that we cherish our crazy people. In the words of the great Julia Sugarbaker, "This is the South. We're proud of our crazy people. We don't hide them in the attic, we bring them to the living room and show them off. No one in the South asks if you have crazy people, they ask which side they are on." See: Go easy on folks.


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